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She is standing above her young. They are both chewing the cud. The sun shines on this scene. It is a peaceful yet powerful image. There is no doubt in my mind that if I come to close she will react immediately. It is the strong and single minded focus of instinct.


When I walk by, the already big lambs at first look on, curiously. When I come too close, they run to their mother and seek her udders. She has no milk for them any more, and it is clear  they only seek comfort. After a couple of seconds she quietly and naturally steps away from them. They grow quiet as well.


They cross the path in front of me. A family of deer. The stag goes in front, not looking right or left. She follows with her young. They see me. The young stops and sniffs the air, looks at the image of this walker. The mother lets him, until she decides that his curiosity has been satisfied and a lesson learned. She steps away and the young follow immediately.


The young crow is screeching at his mother. He wants attention, food maybe? She does not react to his behaviour and imperturbably goes on looking for worms and food in the grass. He screeches some more, keeps on going.  He is being ignored and will have to find his own way.


These scenes make me think of the story of how the young eagle learns to fly, that is told by many coaches as an example of being ‘thrown in the deep’. The story says that when the young eagles grow to big, their parents throw them out of the nest time and time again in order to make them fly. They fly alongside so they can catch them before they fall to their deaths on the ground. In reality, this only happens by accident, when the young eagle does grow to big for the nest and sometimes falls out. Mostly they learn how to fly in easier shorter steps. There is good reason for everything they do, and it all has to do with survival and preservation.

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