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20160923_154144The mood between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn feels like time in between. It is no longer summer and autumn hasn’t started yet. We do feel the presence of both. The first walnuts and chestnuts willingly let go from their trees and the last apples hold on tight to theirs. The leaves are colouring yellow as to recall the strength of the summer. The warmth of the sun is mixed with chilly gusts of wind that blow across the water towards me.


20160923_155946I experience how the earth is giving me a bigger perpective. How my senses make me see, feel, smell, that there are bigger realities then the one that I know. We mirror the earth, the earth mirrors us, we are the earth. Maybe my love of walking is also an expression of the love for the earth, like gardening or preparing colourful healthy food for others. Withouth the earth we are wandering souls in the universe. The earth is home.


IMG_2798Time in between is not time, it is space. It is not waiting or expecting, it is not a planned moment between before and after. It is the transformation from the known to the unknown. It is the space between holding on and letting go. In between time is the limitless space in which everything still is possible. You can fill it with dreams, with love. In between time is always here and now. In between time is a good time for walking.


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