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By on Jul 13, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

There are a couple of synonyms for idling. For instance slacking, loafing, dawdling and lounging about. This day does not feel like an idling day, however. The second day with the rucksack is always heavy on me. Especially for my back, feet and upper legs. The muscles that have not yet recovered from yesterday’s effort now receive a new beating on top of that. At the end of this day, all I want is to lie back with my feet in the air.

So what is nice about walking? It’s not the pain. So what about the idling than? This doesn’t feel like idling or slacking. It does feel good though to sense your body in action, to be aware that everything is working, albeit creaking and moaning today. It makes me feel closer to my-self. I become quieter, I slow down and I feel more present. Maybe that’s what idling is, after all? On top of that; it’s a glorious day!

At the start of this journey, I have the idea that I am travelling to people, in stead of places. From my English friends in Amsterdam to drinks with a colleague in Haarlem to staying at ingrids’ in Castricum today. No coincidence I think. They help me on my way.


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