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I am in Utrecht today and I realise suddenly that there is one little piece of idling left behind. It is the walk between Werkhoven and Wijk bij Duurstede that Anke and I didn’t do for lack of time. Today is a great day for that walk. It takes me along the kromme Rijn (curved Rhine), which today is a small river that meanders in the direction of Utrecht.  In the days of the Roman Empire, this used to be the boundary of their realm, a river that was four times broader then it is now and lookin more like the river Rhine as we know it from Germany. Almost strange to realise that this river becomes a small stream to end up in the Norh Sea near Katwijk. It feels symbolical to human life; to start off as a fizzy mountain stream, to become a majestic, busy river in midlife and to end up again like the small stream it was at the start.

It is a lovely late summers’ day, you can feel the warmth of the sun between the high flat clouds and a warm wind makes itself felt. Nature that was in autumn clothes just a month ago has recovered, the meadows are green and the treas have grown new leaves. Almost so as to spite our short news-orientend brains.

I am still not sure about the idling. I have noticed that I do need a goal to start moving. Without a goal the walking is slower and less far. That shouldn’t be an issue for real idling but I am not toally satisfied at the end of the day, some days totally not satisfied. It seems that for me having a goal is important and it is equally important to enjoy the walk while meandering towards that goal.

Today I thoroughly enjoyed the meandering path along the curved Rhine.



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