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After the first painful days, the rucksack gradually becomes part of my being. I hardly feel him when walking. In shops and when stopping  briefly I don’t take it off, that’s too bothersome. Also I get more attention with the rucksack then without. With, I am this man who walks all the way to Passau, without I am one amongst many.

You can maybe compare it with owning a beautiful car? That car makes us more interesting, it enhances our identity through brand and type. In the Netherlands we sometimes have this opinion on these ‘over the top’ models being compensation for failure in other,  more intimate areas. If that were true here in Germany, we would maybe have found a reason for the population decrease in this country. There are many ‘over the top’ models here!

My rucksack doesn’t make me interesting to everyone though. People that I ask for directions, farmhands, personnel in gasfhofen, often they are also from other countries. They don’t know the way but they also see me as a strange guy walking so far. Walking can also be seen as a strange luxury. According to many in Germany, these people are indispensable for the future, seeing as how the population is decreasing.

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