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The Irish countryside is riddled with hawthorn trees. The Irish say that the hawthorn is home to the fairies. They bring prosperity and happiness. But whoever cuts down a hawthorn tree will meet with their revenge. The stories of inexplicable and unexplained deaths of people who cut down a hawthorn abound.

This is only one of the many Irish tales and folk stories. Stories that bind people. Superstition? Eamonn, the energy healer you met a couple of blogs ago, would frown at this story. He is all about technology. But how long ago is it that his gift and work were seen by the people as magical and maybe develish? Maybe in the future we will find out that the roots or the leaves of the hawthorn have an energetic pulse? We haven’t seen the end of all the we can’t explain, so we’d better be careful. And it leads to a beautiful Irish landscape in spring and early summer.

But to really test it, I would have to sleep under a hawthorn tree, of course. In Mullinavat there were a lot of hawthorns as well, next to a football field. A football field has some points of interest for the independent walker: mown grass, a grandstand and sometimes even running water. That night I dreamed the following fairy tale, I haven’t been able to remember all of it. I call it ‘the monster in the fireplace’

“Many, many years ago there was a house in the countryside with a huge fireplace. It was an open fire and a stove at the same time and it was built into the wall of the house. In the house there lived a mother and her little baby-boy and three servants. These servants weren’t the brightest, so they were called ‘clumsies’ by everyone. The clumsies knew that there was a monster living in the fireplace, but they dare not tell anyone because they were afraid they would be ridiculed even more. One fateful day, the mother laid her baby-boy to sleep next to the fireplace while she was going out on an errand. When she came back, the baby was gone. They searched everywhere and they questioned the clumsies. They said it was the monster but of course no one believed them. Because the baby couldn’t be found, nothing much could be done. The mother left the house and for years it stood there, with the clumsies in it, who for punishment had to stay there. After years and years they understood that something had to be done and that they were the ones having to do it. They noticed about each other that they all had different types of clumsiness, but that together they were not clumsy at all. They decided to challenge the monster, they knew they had to keep inflammable things away from the fireplace. So they lured the monster out of the fireplace and then they beat it with pots and pans until it was dead.

I am left with a lot of questions in this dream/fairy tale. Where does it take place? What happens to the mother? What exactly are the three complementary clumsinessess? What about the baby boy?

You can probably think of a lot more.

 Now wouldn’t it be a really great idea if you finished this dream. Don’t look at other’s  writing before you post yours, so as to stay with your own ideas. The best ending will get a souvenir from Ireland! (Need to think still about to decide that).

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