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The journey through Ireland has come to an end at the start (!) of the Wicklow Way in Dublin. It was  hard to find the starting point. Summer festivals are being prepared and they are important to the people in Dublin it seems!


It has been an amazing and wonderful experience. So many great things have happened that haven’t even found their way into my blog. They are still ‘simmering’ in my inner space and I haven’t yet found the right words to write or speak about them. Soon, I hope and know.

Thank you, to all you beautiful Irish people who I met on the road, in the pubs, in your homes. You’ve been so kind and friendly. We may meet again!

In two weeks time, on the 23rd of July, I will be travelling to the Lake District in England, to walk the Wainwright way, 300 kilometres coast to coast. I was tempted to walk the Monarch’s Way in South England. Tempted by friends saying how beautiful and historical it is. And by how they will support me during the walk.  Thing is, it’s 900 kilometres long. And where I love the distance, it’s too long to still walk this summer. I will keep it in mind though, as an enticing next project and a possibility to come back to England again.

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