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20150713_134350A couple of days ago the universe smiled at my struggle for who and what. Today she (i believe the universe to be feminine) decided to up the scales. She provides for a grey and miserable day. Rain as far as the eye reaches. Rain, drizzle, dripping and the few moments it doesn’t rain there are tree-showers (English Deborah says these are Wim’isms, incorrect but funny English). The markers are no help today. They point to where i should not go. It takes a while to realise, then to adapt and sometimes even anticipate. All in all it makes todays miserable walk 5 km longer. It is forest all day. No ‘stube’ or café. I forgot to buy bread. All i have for this day are a couple of candy bars.

I refuse to throw the towel however. No way this teutonic forest is going to get the better of me or bring me down.


The wet and the cold brings out snales, carrying their home on their back. Slower then me but maybe with less need of purpose and goals. It also brings out lovely scents of tree leafs, grass, herbs and wet soil. With a feeling of accomplishment and victory i reach the end of todays journey just before nightfall.

Frau Koch at the camping site reprimands me for being on the road so late. Its her prerogative, she is after all 84, old enough to be my mum. My mum would have come with me though, longing for adventure.

The universe slaps her thighs for laughter. See what she can think of tomorrow.

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  1. A Wim’ism isn’t necessarily incorrect, in fact a Wim’ism is actually a very good, apt, word or term – just invented! Is what makes it funny. But hey hundreds of new words are being accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary every year! You never know …

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