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After my day off yesterday, celebrating Sam’s and Fons’s birthday, I am now walking from Nijmegen to Kleve. It is a hot day but under the trees it is nice and cool. It rained here yesterday and there is small breeze. I am literally standing on the German border. In front of me the path goes down from the ‘Devil’s Mountain’ (not to worry it has Dutch proportions. I think even the devil in Holland has been brought down to Dutch proportion: small but mean in the details). The landscape in front is simmering in the hot sun. No shade and no trees. That’s a nice image for one who already has his thoughts about walking in Germany. My somehow strange relation to this country.  It is also the first time I cross a border walking on my journey. The other times I started in the countries themselves.

Deep breath and walking with attention. Mindful…. 🙂



The sign says: let friendship heal what borders divide.

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