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The pilgrim path that I am walking this spring comes to an end. One more weekend on June 30th, July 1st and 2nd. Pay attention: that weekend has been moved, it was planned a week earlier. So if you stilll have some time where you didn’t have it before…come along. This last part weaves through the beautiful hills of Limburg, from Sittard to Visé in Belgium. All the more reason to join!

Last time we walk in a weekend of a full moon. Anke is joining me again. Two consecutive days and a full rucksack on her shoulders, both of which she hadn’t experienced yet. The 50k walk from Weert to Sittard is hot and tiring but she is a go-getter, perseverant. She doesn’t quite know what to do with her life but she isn’t afraid of some adventure. Ze clearly loves to go deep, try everything and question everything. With herself and with me as well. That’s how it goes on such a long walking day. The last miles are difficult but the sight of the ending gives new energy. At the camping site she drops down but next morning she is practicing yoga for more than an hour. It makes me think that long distance walking maybe isn’t as easy as I would like people to believe sometimes. Maybe I am a go-getter as well then. There is full moon in the sky that night. We can see it rising through the trees and slowly filling the night. A bit of whispy clouds blur the light but mostly we are looking at a clear sky. Slowly the night grows cold and the time comes to find our sleeping bags. From my little tent I can see the moon passing over the night sky.

In the light of that night, my spirit creates an opening, somewhere below my navel. I am digging a hole inside, deep into my being. I feel this to be for someone else. someonde deep inside of me. The digging is easy but the pit wants to grow deep, very deep. A deep stillness grows around me. I am really alone now. From the deep a small silvery snake appears, caught in the light of the moon. It lies there in the clear bitter light of the moon. The intesnity takes my breath away. I can’t stay there for long, shoot upward and out through my navel. Essence can only be seen by the moonlight and you have to be a real go-getter to stay with it.



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