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I have arrived in Rothenburg, a medieval town with its four gates intact. Also the city walls and all the historic buildings are intact. That is in part conservation and a lot of restauration. The reason is unclear to me but Japan has invested heavily in restoring the town. Maybe it was to give Japanese people a good reason to come and visit? Whatever the reason, there are many Japanese, more then any other nationality. And boy are there a lot of tourists here today!

Rothenburg is a beautifully restored city but it also gives me the idea of an existence through the grace of others.

None of these people of course is looking for maps. No one but me that is. My maps are insufficient. They stop here. I knew of course but thought they would certainly have some here? A nice lady in a bookshop tries to help but doesn’t have the missing three (!) maps. Japanese have no need for maps here. That, ánd the feeling that the route would be taking the longer way anyway, makes me decide to find my own way with the maps I dó have for the next 150 kilometres, untill I get to Regensburg where I will have a working map again.

It feels strangely reluctant, like letting go of a lifeline, a contact with the known and close. To see how that works, I am going to minimize contact through app’s and mail as well till I get to Regensburg. Let’s see how I do without the grace of others, of you.

I leave the city through it’s eastern gate.



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