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The road from Svilengrad tot the border is straight and long. My prediction is correct; it’s hot today. I have a late start, the emotional night and my painful foot keep me from getting on the road. The village of Kapitan Andreevo was once the entrance to Turkey but the new highway has made it obsolete. The roadside is dotted with empty and ruined gas stations, shops, offices and cafes. At the end of the road is an opening in a fence and suddenly I’m in a concrete area where the borderpost is. I hadn’t already expected it; the mistrusting officials that were promised and that even were going to send me back. With indifference, even boredom, they stamp my passport and let me go on my way. A group of happy Turkish men who have spent the night in Svilengrad’s many casinos insist on taking me to Edirne. Why not, it’s hot enough and my foot is hurting.

I took my blister to a hospital. There are no GP’s here and a pedicure only does your nails. I am so happy with Melanie, my pedicure at home! There is no doctor and the three, I shall call them nurses, don’t dare do anything without professional approval. One of them caves in to my insisting on opening the blister. A huge bandage is my reward and when I come back at 9 AM tomorrow the surgeon will be here and personally remove my blister,  they promise. Tomorrow at 9 I’m walking, but that I keep that knowledge to myself.

What is different between Bulgaria and Turkey, the cultural aspect that Ruud mentioned in his reaction yesterday. From yesterday’s blog you know that I try to stay away from ‘finding things’

What catches the eye are the beautiful mosques, where a lot of churches in Bulgaria are in a deplorable state. The city and its people are economically well off, judging by the full terraces with quiet and calm people. There, I think I’ve found enough for one day.


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