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From Edirne I will start following the sultanstrail again. The route is marked and on my GPS, so I really have to do my best to go wrong. Of course it is less exciting and adventurous than finding your own way. The route description gives me all the possibilities of the upcoming stops, including camping. The landscape is barren, there are hardly any trees and the harvest has been brought in long ago. The fields have been plowed and the brown earth doesn’t make for great views.

I am finding stuff again, he?! It’s so hard not to compare, not to judge, but just to experience what’s there right in front of you. I notice my inclination of comparing Turkey wit Bulgaria and that the latter wins. Which is not fair because I have had beautiful experiences there and hardly any here yet.

luckily there’s Frits. Frits is new on this journey and can’t be compared to anything. I don’t know why I call him.Frits, it just came to me. It looks like he’s waiting for me when I walk out of Edirne. Without hesitation he starts to walk along with me. I don’t exactly know who’se keeping whom company. At the first village on the road I believe to lose him again. The village dogs growl and chase him. But he stays close and when I leave he’s there again. They wouldn’t let me pay for the water, coffee and lemonade I had at the teahouse. Sometimes Frits is far ahead, it looks almost like he knows where we are going. After 12 AM he crawls under all the bushes we encounter. He is hot and he shows it. Maybe he just better at showing his boundaries. So I go lie under a tree as well.

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