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open-circle2Looking back at my last blog I notice that (in)dependence is a theme for me. The circular shape being filled with ‘vulnarability’ is a theme as well. Judging by the reactions I got from readers, I am not the only one who sees it this way. A theme like this, you carry it with you, maybe for the larger part of your life. It even maybe makes us who we are, a bit.

I do find the circle a bit static, though. Like being caught in it. I don’t like being caught, I like to be able to move around. So I came up with the following. At the moment we have a top view of the circle. what if we were to look at it sideways? Like this:

spring greenIt means I am still working around my theme but I encounter it every time at a different level. Higher or deeper, following your preference. It provides me with the possibility to grow within my theme, to work with it in a different way every time, to learn from it. It doesn’t have to be ‘finished’. Someday maybe. I can live with that!

In the beginning of July, my journey to Istanbul goes to its next stage. From Passau through Austria. I have decided to look for the most beautiful paths that lead more or less in the direction of Istanbul, instead of faithfully following the E8 route. It seems that I will be walking through the lower Alps and Slovenia. Last year I have walked alone, felt alone as well. Felt independent and unhappy. Time to be a bit more dependent, to follow the circle up or down. Fellow walkers, even for a couple of days, are more then welcome!

Two more things. This spring I will be walking the Brabantse Vennenpad, in the south east of the Netherlands.  Walking dates are April 3, 13, 30 and May 6, 7, 13, 14, 27, 28 mei. I can inagine it is a bit far away from the UK or USA but you are invited anyway.

Also there is again the midsummer eve party in the garden of the monastery in Breda. You are invited.




  1. Can’t join you this year but I’m available all 2017!

  2. Hi Geri. I will most probably still be walking in 2017, so you are very welcome!

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