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In one weeks’ time the monastery garden has exploded. Everything that has the possibility to blossom has decided to do it right now. The enclosure of the walls, the warm location in the city centre and the care of the gardeners has created a climate in which everything blossoms at the same time and just that bit earlier. Even the beech trees want to join in.

The beeches in the forest are much more careful. Their buds are at bursting point but they reign themselves in. There is still the possibility of a cold north wind and freezing temperatures. They show themselves when it is safe to come out. Only the young upshoots are showing their leaves. They make use of the sunlight that now still has unhindered access to the forest floor. It makes me think of the way I dealt with new knowledge for a long time and sometimes still do. First I take it in, then I want to make sure I have got everything right before I expose it to my surroundings. Feeling unsafe, fear of criticism and rejection, those cold winds and frost have hindered me for a long time. Many of us know this feeling. However, we deny ourselves the possibility and joy to learn through practice, to learn together and it takes longer. The beech doesn’t know about this, yet he knows when the right moment is there and then goes for it, all out. It’s in his nature. 😉

The young beeches push their leaves outward. Tranparent green and oh os vulnarable, but also immensely full of lifes’ power and energy. That is the moment that I am looking for as well in the upcoming months. That is also why I stopped my application for my masters degree in England for now. Though they said they would love to have me. I am going to do away with the last remnants of holding back, feel the immense energy of life and (dare to) be able to to be vulnarable. It’s in my and our nature as well.;) It helps me and us to be better with each other and with the world that we live in. First things first.

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