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  1. Ah ha … So you already know where you are going … !

    Hey Wim.
    A cool idea – I like it.
    Well I didn’t send any money today (maybe later) but I wanted to send you support and encouragement as you get started. Your 1st blog on this trip brought Satish Kumar to mind. I met him, read a couple of his books and liked him. He also walks. His epic was from India, through Pakistan and calling via Russia to deliver some tea with a message something like ‘relax and have a cup of this before you press the button’. Anyway he wrote about that journey and then he wrote another book which got me thinking. The title is ‘No Destination’

    • Hi Julia
      I know where I am going. Don’t know where I will end up though. I wrote in my essay: I find the thought of walking without destination a bit too scary still. Way too scary. I have a great admiration for Satish Kumar!

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