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It is freezing cold today but I still want to go for a long walk. I won’t have much time for walking in the upcoming weeks with a lot of work and my moving out of the old monastery. I am walking near the Belgian border where you can walk for over 25 kilometres through nature. It is is truly cold and the strong easterly wind makes it even colder. This is what the weatherforecast people call the ‘feeling temperature’. They are even giving it to us in degrees Celcius lately. I find that strange, my feeling of hot or cold is not the same as yours, how can you then measure it? Next they will tell us to button up our coats. Oh no, they’re already doing that too.

Stephen Hawking is dead. That’s no news (anymore), I see a lot of posts on social media especially about the realitivity of time. It made me read his book on space and time once again. I don’t understand even half of it but then he is a genius and I am not. the little bit I think to understand is that time and space are finite and at the same time infinite which makes that everything can be at the same time and at the same time it can’t. The fact that time is not absolute fascinates me. Time is something we can measure but at the same time is also has a relative aspect. Just like that feeling temperature. It also makes me quite happy Stephen didn’t tell us to button up.

The way I see it, time is a memory or an expectation, I can see it like a shadow of an occurence. I can think back to an event or I am looking forward to one. I can count the hours, months or years but my feeling adds an extra dimension. If something is extraordinary or big it creates a longer shadow. An occurence that happened 4 years ago has a shadow of many more years, it feels like the time has wrapped itself around it. Feeling adds intenstiy and depth to the shadow. Forgetfulness starts at the point where the shadow fades into the light. There are long and deep shadows in my life and I also notice a strong resistance to become a memory, let alone forgotten.

Would you rather not look at events with only attention and feeling? Taking away time, leaving only the occurence that you can give all your attention. Without time only attention and feeling are left. Attention is timeless.




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