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Exactly what it reads

Exactly what it reads

By on Sep 3, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

After the Serbian and the Bulgarian it’s now time for the Turkish language to elude me. By now I can say thank you, hello and goodbye and in the course of the last month I’ve learnt to wave my arms, hands and feet in a meaningful way, nod ‘no’ and shake ‘yes’. But that’s about it. So even when I come across text that I can decipher, unlike the Cyrillic in Bulgaria, I’m still lost. Unless there’s this one opportunity where you just have to read the letters one after the other and then there’s this sudden AHA!

For instance; what is being said here? I didn’t know till I saw the word in action and then AHA! But you’re much quicker than me so you’ve probably figured it out already. But for the slower minds like myself I will give the hint you see here. It’s comparable in language, not in meaning. OK? Tell me who gets it?

See, that’s also a source of fun and pleasure for me!

I remember when we lived in Tanzania, already more then 30 years ago, there was talk of a small village at the foot of a steep hill, going by the name of ‘logiri’. Nothing special, you might say. Except that at the entrance of the village, at the foot of that steep climb, was a sign in English (from the time of English rule) saying ‘low gear’, warning cars that they had to shift to lower gears at this point. I never got to see this village, it could well be an urban myth.

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