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Endless space

Endless space

By on Jul 12, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

The meandering started today, a walk from Amsterdam north to Haarlem through Zaanstad. The polders promise a view of meadows reaching up to the horizon, like the ones I used to make in my childhood drawings. I had no knowledge of this where I was from but still I somehow knew how to draw them; meadows up to the horizons, some trees on it and endless space above. The meadows lie quiet and freshly mown. A single rabbit dares to show itself. Only the space has been filled with high windmills, containers and harbours.

Above the space is filled with the constant hum of aircraft gaining height against the north wind. There was nothing of that in my childhood drawings. There was only endless space.

I am camping at a nature camp site in the dunes this night. It is a quiet place. A seagull. The sun setting slowly. Only the hum above remains a constant. Endless has become quite near. It’s still there on the inside though. 🙂

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