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googleFrom Ireland to Istanbul

With his curiosity for identity and his passion for walking as an example and starting point, Wim Nijssen explores our stories on identity on our European soil, from Ireland to Istanbul.

Where our reality is becoming more virtual and fast paced every day, he uses the slow motion and earthly method of walking.  

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being in motion - getting started Away_from_home_front_1solid ground

Wim writes about his experiences during his journeys. The walk from Ireland to Istanbul has identity as its theme. About the start of this journey he wrote the essay 'exploring identity'. It explores the theme of identity from Wim's personal history and body of thought. In 2015, he published the collection of stories of his walks through Ireland and England called "The Way of Home". In the summer of 2016 the stories from the walk through the Neterlands and Germany, "Solid Ground", are published. The three books are now available in one e-book, "Being In Motion"go to the page 'JOIN UP' for more information.

 De Eindeloze reis_fronttt-1His journey in 2012 to Santiago de Compostella from his home in the Netherlands resulted in the book "The Endless Journey", (shown is the Dutch cover) that shows the spiritual insights and also the confrontations that were part of that journey in beautiful stories, photos and illustrations. This book is available as E-book.


A slow journey and slow value are in sharp contrast with the dangerous  and sad foot journeys that  thousands and thousands of refugees are making.  They are looking for a safe haven, often in the Europe that I am exploring. They are part of this Europe, part of its identity. The profit of my walking activities will go to the Netherland's Stichting Vluchteling (Foundation Refugee), a full member of the International Rescue Committee. 

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Wim Nijssen120826 3  les levres y thourmeyragues

Wim is international coach, adviser and trainer. He combines a view on nature and structure with the space of intuition and creativity. He has over 20 years of international experience of working in government and non-government organisations. He’s an experienced adviser in organisational change, teamwork and life coaching.

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