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The back of my knees is hurting, the left over from the heavy day yesterday. Good thing that I don’t have to carry my rucksack today. It’s with Evita, where I am welcome again tonight. The half moon walk around Rotterdam makes that I stay close to where she lives. StillI should have made it a short day, in stead of the 25 k that I am walking. Too much drive.

There is another part of me that is hurting, somewhere in the middle of my body. It is more then fear. The fear that I had when I left the day before yesterday, a fear that is there again and again. An vague yet strong fear, a fear for loneliness, for the unknown. For the question if this is leading me to what I am looking for. A friend once said that we people have two drives from which we act: fear and love. Yesterday I sensed that fear fills you with fathomless dark emptiness and loneliness. Love fills you with the clear water from the source, the soul. Don’t be afraid. Have trust.


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