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20160203_165030Of the four elements (fire, water, air and earth), fire is the element of intuition and passion. It is therebye also the element that has prospective strenght, it has the energy within to search for and find possiblities.

She said to me that she had her doubts as to her little company becoming succesful. I see and feel her fire, see her working with an intense love, an enormous passion and craftsmanship. It makes me say that I don’t doubt her succes for one second. That’s how it works. She connects the four elements with fire as a driving force at the moment. Is not the mix of passion and intensity, combined with love and craftsmanship almost a guarantee for succes? 20160203_164235

Walking is a simple and, if you like, humble activity. I am walking a lot in this period of my life where I find myself doubting my vigour. I sometimes think that is exactly the reason why I like walking, it brings me back to myself.  My vigour has the element of fire, but in this case it’s ego activity and that is mostly artificial fire, I noticed last year when I arrived rather worn out in Passau. I should allow myself to be more me; more modest, gentler. And I already came across the concept of humility when walking to Santiago.

And then all of a sudden there is this paradox. In my head I connect modesty to holding back and gentleness to passivity. Where do gentle people get their passion? What does fire look like in a modest person? How do I become active again?

The first willows are blossoming.

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