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“Are you sure you will be OK”, she asks, “you look a bit forlorn”. She is right. I do feel a bit lost all of a sudden. We are standing at the cable car that may or may not take me across to Dursey Island this evening. The sign says: returns only. Mags, a lovely  friend from the Camino two years ago, and Maureen, sister of a great colleague/friend at VSO UK, in turns have gotten me to my starting point. Strong winds and the forecast of heavy rain tomorrow almost make me go back with her to Maureen’s cozy, warm house in Adrigole. Well if this is how my journey is going to start.

A20140523_205954t the tip of Dursey Island lie the ruins of a small monastry. Monks lived here in the late middle ages, as they did in many parts of Ireland. They felt that only in the seclusion, the solitude and frugal life could they really contemplate on life and its meaning. On the verge of all that was known did they seek for knowledge. Were they ever lonely of forlorn?


  1. Courage!

  2. No need to be forlorn, as you have many friends supporting you! Enjoy every moment Wim 🙂

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