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Tomorrow I will be crossing the Turkish border. The last one in this long journey.  All of a sudden I feel the urge to make up the balance. How am I, how is my walk going, what do I feel about the things I experience? It almost feels like I should pass some judgement  but t can’t and I don’t want to do that anymore. All I can do is experience and describe. A joy and a handicap at the same time.

It’s my last day of walking in Bulgaria. I get lost in the dense woods when I try to mske my own way. At a certain moment I am about to loose my breath, notwithstanding the coaching of my GPS. I am stuck between trees and the shrub. It takes me hours to get out of it. A road and a village further there’s direction again. A village of deserted and ruinous houses. A village in decay. I remember the villages in Africa; poor but clean and proud. There’s nothing of that  here. In front of a house with plastic sheets on the windows sits a plastic toddler three wheeler without a steering wheel. It’s so painful, I can’t bring myself to take a picture. How does a child grow up here?

I dined in a nice restaurant in Svilengrad this evening. My last night in Bulgaria. Chiq, elegant, worldly and upstanding. But I can’t rhyme it with the other.

I have a small wound on my nose. It starts bleeding when I rub it. Now that this happens I remember. When it’s been dry and hot for long, I think the skin has grown thin. I rub on sunscreen and I wear my hat, but still. Should I worry? Time for a medical check up?

lWhen I look at my face (during nose inspection) I know the beard is not coming back. Sorry  for those who believe it to be tough and sexy, but I am all of that without a beard as well.

My heel, the one with the blister,  is playing up. It’s swollen and sensitive. I’m not good at having ailments, will put a bandage on it tomorrow. See a Turkish healer maybe?

My left shoe is about to cave in. The repairs did help but it’s not waterproof anymore I found out while crossing a stream.

The wind has turned south again I noticed today. I don’t think I need to worry about rain for the upcoming days. It may be getting hot again though, which is less favourable.

In the house opposite of my hostel a family is sitting together. They eat, they talk together. The children kiss their parents good night.

I have taken a shower and I feel fresh again.

There’s a clear star lit sky tonight with a cloudy band in rhe north. The sky stands immovable and undisturbed.

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