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It’s ok to cheat once in a while, my friend Marjo from Amsterdam had said. You don’t have to walk every meter of the path do you? It”s about fun, not obligation.


















I am in Xanten sitting on a terrace. It’s a nice little town. I got here much later than I expected when I left this morning

 The waitress asks where I am going today. Alpen, I say, apparently with some hesitation. Why don’t you stay she says. See the town, there are live bands playing tonight. I have to agree, it is an enticing prospect.

I am considering.

Pro. It is hot today, Xanten has a nice atmosphere, there are many pretty woman in short trousers about, I am tired.

Contra. Hanging around all afternoon, Xanten is a smáll town, too many pretty woman in very short trousers, I feel like I don’t belong here, there is no camping site.

I am not staying.

There is again only very limited quantative information here is there? Tomorrow will be better hopefully. Keep trying.

Cheating is breaking the rules. Misleading authorities, business under the table. But that’s not what this is? I can stay in Xanten as long as I like and take the bus to Alpen or even further. Walking is not always fun, it can be hot and tiring. Mostly it’s fun though. And if I go by bus then I loose sight of the difference between fun and far. It becomes a different journey then. So no cheating. Unless really necessary. The universe won’t complain.

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  1. Hi Wim,

    I hope that this comment gets through to you. I also hope that you have your ‘best socks’ with you and that you are wearing them at all times!

    Enjoy your ‘journey’!


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