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20160403_123339The first stage of the ‘Brabantse Vennen’ walk has been filled in by the choice by and presence of Arnoud en Efrath. With this choice they also define the beginning and the end of this 233 kilometre circular walk: the moors and meres between Boxtel and Moergestel. Everything that follows now will be determined by that choice. How defining can you be? How defining do you want to be? I think they never meant this this way, I think it is safe to say they never even thought about it this way. But still that is how it goes!

The presence of them both was pleasant under a warm spring sunshine and through beautiful natural surroundings. Within these surroundings, Efrath finds a billboard that states that this is the centre. First of all the centre of the council of Oisterwijk. But also the centre of the province of Brabant. And bigger still; the centre of the Benelux countries. How defining can you be? How defining do you want to be?

Sometimes you are the centre by accident.

You could also nót be the centre.

We can state with certainty that the centre of the universe is everywhere and its perimeter nowhere. (Giordano Bruno)

Or you can make the centre to be your most precious focus.

Every cherished object is the centre of a paradise (Novalis)


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