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Camping is always a bit of a problem. There aren’t that many campings. Wild camping is not allowed in Germany. I have also learned that a camping site on the map is not a camping site in reality. I have found myself many times at a place where there used to be a camping site, ah yes, many years ago, the locals say. In fact I have been offered various sites to exploit, every time I said that it was such a pity. So I am doing a lot of wild camping anyway. Even if it is against the rules.

What do people say about that?

You can’t camp here!! (The in-function official)

So sorry but you can’t camp here. (The sympathetic in -function official)

officially you can’t camp here (wink). (The elderly tourist guide)

It is forbidden to camp here but if you go up that street no one will see you . (A lady on the street who viewed me as a tramp after a day of rain)

It is allowed to camp out one night always, so you just go and find some place and don’t worry (a mother with her teenage daughter when she saw me sitting at a closed down camping).

There is a nice spot over there on the mountain (a helpful grocer).


And sometimes  you get lucky. A camping with a chair and a table and my own personal view over the river Main.

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