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By on Jul 29, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

It is happening again now that I have left the mountaind. I feel and experience it and I find it so very difficult to handle.


The mountains define your pace. In my case that is never very fast. I also don’t posess the agility of a mountain goat. The slopes and mountain paths make for slow and intensive walking. My breathing becomes conscious and follows the structure of the path. Mountains have the tendency to hold on, to create consciousness, to slow down time. My ego doesn’t like that. It becomes anxious, wanting to reach the end, away from the intensity. Maybe that is the secret of Franz and Marie

The mountain paths are followed by the roads and paved paths on the plains. The pavement also wants to define my pace. The pavement is fast, invites to, no dictates to walk fast and far, dictates covering maximum distance. There is always the next curve, it seems to say. It makes my forget my breathing, makes it become unconscious. My ego loves this type of senseless challenges. I find it difficult to resist.

In a booklet that I found in Mariaze I find the following text.

Your breathing is the key to your source of power. Your breathing is personal and at the same time it connects you to every living creature on earth. Your breathing is an expression of the gift of life to you. Our breathing invites us to a lesson of life in which we do not live by willpower alone but also entrust ourselves to the source of life itself. Our breathing brings us into the here and now, into the power of the moment.


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