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Send a bit of joy my way?

Send a bit of joy my way?

By on Aug 13, 2017 in Blog | 4 comments

As a solitary walker I always feel somewhat estranged in big cities. There is too much going on around me, too much to see, too many people. It’s overwhelming to the senses.
I took a day of rest in Niš. It was only then that I realised how tired I was. Physically of course, but also mentally. The two weeks in the heat and finding my way caught up with me. I am not sure whether it is the scorched landscape, the melancholy I could sense in the people that I had my little conversations with and that resonates with my own sorrow, but I feel mentally drained as well. Being alone in a big city like this makes me feel sad and lonely. I realise now that I put a lot of protection in my little pouch, but hardly anything for joy. I am not even sure what that would look like and how to find it right now. Will you please send a little joy my way?


  1. Wish you could have swum with me in the Indian ocean today; it was somewhat bracing going in but lovely once I was in and being buffeted by the waves. Then walking far along the sandy beach in the gentle late afternoon sun. Sending you refreshing vibes and sea air!

    • That sounds so good I can almost feel it!

  2. We are up in the Lakes again and arrived in the cloud and the rain. Poor weather forecast for the week. But sometimes we are surprised by joy in so many different ways. Yesterday was a weather window and the hills were bathed in sunshine all day with blazes of purple heather standing out against the lush greens of the grass and bracken. We walked above Derwent Water on part of the ridge that divides Keswick from Buttermere where you, Simon and I stayed. A wonderful day not least for being unexpected. I hope you are similarly surprised on your journey.
    Look forward to seeing you again soon

    • I was so glad with my cloudy day. But I can see and feel how a sunny day in the Lake District makes all the difference!. I get to be surprised almost every day during my walk. Trying to take that with me to the every day life when I get back. It will be so nice to meet in September!

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