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Live like it’s your first day

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On this first day of the year, the light is veiled, like saying: something may unfold but it is yet undefined what that might be. It feels like trying to look into the future but at the same time knowing that the future depends on how you are present in the world today.

There is a song in the Netherlands that says: “Live like it’s your last day, live like there is no tomorrow….!”. It is a song that has zing and intensity and calls out to us to live life to the fullest.

I would want to add: live life as if it were your first day! So you can enter the world with an open mind, freedom and curiosity. Where you can make a fresh start without shame or guilt. Where the future can unfold through trust, care and love for people and the world.

I wish you a joyful year.

The river flows in you

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The river with it’s ever flowing water is a wonderful place of motion and continuity. The flow of the water is our source and our destiny. The water flows for ever yet the river stays.

Only yesterday I was sitting at the border of this river. The sun was shining on the water and warmed my skin. I was feeling, thinking, reviewing memories. About places of loneliness and places of being together. How it feels to have missed somebody so very much. About the soul’s desire that longs to share in the flow of this world. There are times of want and times of happiness. There are moments of sorrow and moments of joy. It’s all in the flow of the water. Above all, there is love. So much continuous love.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to our mum. We give her back  to the flow of the river. The love stays.


Men – Mannen – Männer

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Another warm day. Later this afternoon it is going to rain, there are high clouds and the sun is vieled. Spring has suddenly arrived, juices flow in full glory and you can almost see the blossoms and leaves grow. The wise, larger trees hold on to their baldness, one bird does not yet make summer for them. Spring may have inspired some recent articles, or perhaps they have come to my attention because of spring. For some weeks I have been reading strange things from and about men. There are men who demand sex as right for them, because they can’t get it otherwise (Not so long ago it was an undeniable ‘right’ in Western countries and in many countries it still is, so you can understand the confusion with these men). A priest coming out of the closet and claiming that porn is beautiful because it shows people who are obviously enjoying it, he says. Someone in my newspaper claiming that porn provides freedom because you become independent in getting sex. This evening, just before I wrote this, a documentary about men. Great, how the uneasiness and the search for identity of men is made visible.

We men, we are so afraid to be vulnerable, to cry, to show our emotions. We have to be strong and tough, dominant. If you aren’t, you’re a push-over. I say ‘we’, because many times I am one of them. I suspect 80% of men to be like this. It is not a biological thing, this is how we have been raised and socialized. Men can’t be feminists, even though we can support feminsim. We men we have our path to follow to become more human.

I wonder what we find when we unveil this. Those men finding freedom in porn, who claim sex as an undeniable right, the men that can’t be vulnerable, what is it that they are hiding, afraid of? I believe it to be an uncomfortable relation to the question of intimacy, the need for the intimate and genuine connection to another human being. With the fear of rejection so big that we have to hide it behind toughness, porn and demanding rights. How infinitely sad is it, that something that is a fundamental need and can be gotten from an unlimited source is seemingly impossible to get.

I wonder, are women doing better in this area than men? Or do they have their own trouble with intimicay? maybe it’s time we made a documentary about the humans and their need for intimacy.

The sun has almost dissapeared behind the clouds now. The first raindrops are starting to fall and the thunder roars unrelentingly. Our demons are not that easily caught, they seem to say. Luckily I am home by now.


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Your longing started your journey but you never fully arrived

You remember the space where you never were

You knew of the warmth you were never to feel

You’re missing something you never had

And now

You’re lost on familiar roads

You disappear when staying is too hard

The cold feels unbearable

Your longing calls out in the silence of your voice


Wandering through this emptiness, exploring the fullness of expectation and longing is what I do on this windy, rainy day. It calls for a steady pace across long straight paths filled with mud and puddles. Walking slowly makes you sink into sorrow and hurt. The emtpiness doesn’t easily give up its fullness.

The 13th century Sufi poet Hafiz describes this in his poem ‘My eyes so soft’,

“Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly.
Let it cut more deep.

Let it ferment and season you
As few human or even divine ingredients can.

Something missing in my heart tonight
Has made my eyes so soft,
My voice so tender,

My need of God

Miraculous world

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In between showers I take a walk in the forest. The air is of an even, damp grey. Everything looks pretty much the same, everything looks brownish wet and it feels a bit boring, not very inviting. When things get boring, I start to look for differences. When you look closely, you see that everything is different; shapes, colours and textures. Not one view is the same. Perhaps you need to be bored to be able to see differences?

It’s when you start looking closely at things, that you start seeing the miracle. When we pay attention to the detail, the wonder of complexity is when we see things as if it were the first time. When we see something we can’t place, don’t recognize; we start wondering. It’s new, exciting, amazing, even miraculous perhaps. I remember the first time I saw the sea. I must  have been 4 or 5 and it was endless. I was totally overwhelmed, in awe and amazament. The first time I had experienced endlessness as a hum being. I didn’t sleep much that night, as something had happened to me that was out of my knowing or expierence till then. Now, whenever I go the beach, I still recall that feeling of endlessness and wonder. When we look at another person, what do we see? Do we see a member of the human race, like trees in forest? Or do we see a unique being that requieres our deep attention to see its wonder of complexity?

Later we learn context and are taught that it is ‘just’ a tree. That the sea is not endless, but that England is on the other side and that if you travel far enough you come back to where you were. Everything becomes rational and explainable. You learn that people are pretty much the same wherever you go. The wonder is gone, it all becomes known and a maybe a bit disappointing. I am not promoting we have a romantic view of the world and all that is there. I do promote that we can see with the eyes of a child, that we can see things as if they happened for the first time, that we can experience the wonder of our world. That every tree is a miracle by itself. That every human being is different and miraculous, as if  we meet for the first time.


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The most beautiful moment of the eclipse is not when the moon shines clothed in full red colours over the frozen lake at which I stand. The most beautiful and special happens when the light slowly, almost imperceptibly, starts showing itself again. At first very careful, at the edges, then ever changing and increasing and decreasing in intensity. Every brief moment is different. It compels you to adapt your focus, blink your eyes, tilt your head; you make small movements to keep following the changes. A continuous adaptation from inside to outside, from outside to inside.

The people that have also come out on this cold morning don’t notice that. They pay attention to the pictures they want to take, the moment that needs to be captured. It requires constant adaptation of their camera’s and tripods, accompanied by explanations and conversation. That way they miss what I feel to be so special.

When I get back home, feeling cold through and through and hugging my heating, I see that I could have followed the proces through my window. But then I would have missed this special feeling. And I would have missed the clear light of Venus in my eyes when I walked back.

Will and ability

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From my window I notice the boring, grey day. It doesn’t look very inviting. The past two days I delivered an intensive training; being out there and passing on a lot of my energy. A walk in the woods would help me, feel the ground under my own feet again. The forest is near and I have the time. But I don’t want to, I don’t feel like it and I am also just tired. What is this? What obstacle lies there in front of me that keeps me from doing what I know to be good for me and what I usually like doing? To have the ability but to be unwilling. In another, emotional aspect of my life I feel an unwillingness and an inability. That has to with letting go, for which I am not prepared. And then there is a willingness but an unability with my light smoking addiction that bothers me. I have bookshelfs full of sensible words but they are not helping if I don’t feel where my resistance lies. The words only serve to show me where I am not, that it is not good and that therefore I’m still not good enough. On impulse I get my tarot cards out. Let them show me what is in stead of what should be. Miraculous things, these cards. They do show me what is, in the here and now. Brieflly (without the deeper personal subtleties that the card adds):

Able, yet unwilling: devotion and discipline

Willing, yet unable: the natural restraint

Unable and unwilling: calmness and surrender

The cards give a fresh and unexpected view on the here and now. Now there is silence, quiet and peace and I am ready to go into the day.

Able and willing: go for a walk 🙂


Being found

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“Sooner or later we have to admit that the importance does not lie in finding something, but in being found”

The forest is busy with lots of people getting some fresh air. I too need some fresh air after the social events of the holidays, that also sometimes kept me from finding the silence in these days. I overhear many conversations. I hear a lot of anecdotes, facts and opinions. We find a lot, I hear and are quite busy convincing others. Perhaps that’s the way in which people manage their space? When the drizzle starts the forest empties out, most people don’t like walking in the rain. In the now quiet nature there is no opinion. Nature is. It doesn’t ask anything of you. When you entrust yourself to nature it gives. In the images, the sounds, the smells and the moving through. In the silence and the wonder that happens then, new thoughts and considerations come to you  effortlessly. You come back to yourself. Another wonderful thought is that nature, in the here and now, exists only for me. If nature were conscious, then I were there solely for her as well. It was made for me, as I was made for this forest. We are part of each other.

What if we could share like this with another person. To just be in the wonder of our being. When you get to know the other person, you also learn about yourself. In vulnerability and in fear, in attention and in despair, always lovingly. In this deep surrender to the other you  also learn to know your deepest self. Perhaps you fear to lose yourself but in giving yourself deeply, nothing is lost. You are being found, you become who you are in your deepest being.

Suddenly now I see the link with my last blogpost. Love’s gift lies in acceptance, rather than giving. In being found, rather than finding.

Days of Silence

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“Love’s gift cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.” (Rabindranath Tagore)

It is a calm day under a wintry sun. Over the forest and under the trees lies an air of quiet stillness. The life of the trees has retreated to their roots and they seem dormant in the quiet of the day. Trees are also reflected in the puddles of last days’ rain. The waterways and gullys are still dry, however. To recover from last summers’ drought we would need 200 days of rain like we had yesterday, I heard. It doesn’t seem like that is going to happen before next summer. 

It’s a gentle, still day, that invites to be silent and reflective, like the trees. It invites us to connect to our roots through our dreams or meditations and to connect yet again to our soul’s longing. Maybe there is a thought or a reflection that you would take into your dreams to be seen in the soft light of your soul’s wisdom. Mine would be the lines above this text, by RabindranathTagore. What might be yours?

The early dark of the winters’ evening invites me in, invites me down…

First frost

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The grassy bank endlessly strewn

with silvery droplets of yesterday’s frost

The river gently, softly flowing



Low sun highlights the place

Where we sat on that summers’ eve

Everything flows, nothing is forgotten



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