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“Sooner or later we have to admit that the importance does not lie in finding something, but in being found”

The forest is busy with lots of people getting some fresh air. I too need some fresh air after the social events of the holidays, that also sometimes kept me from finding the silence in these days. I overhear many conversations. I hear a lot of anecdotes, facts and opinions. We find a lot, I hear and are quite busy convincing others. Perhaps that’s the way in which people manage their space? When the drizzle starts the forest empties out, most people don’t like walking in the rain. In the now quiet nature there is no opinion. Nature is. It doesn’t ask anything of you. When you entrust yourself to nature it gives. In the images, the sounds, the smells and the moving through. In the silence and the wonder that happens then, new thoughts and considerations come to you  effortlessly. You come back to yourself. Another wonderful thought is that nature, in the here and now, exists only for me. If nature were conscious, then I were there solely for her as well. It was made for me, as I was made for this forest. We are part of each other.

What if we could share like this with another person. To just be in the wonder of our being. When you get to know the other person, you also learn about yourself. In vulnerability and in fear, in attention and in despair, always lovingly. In this deep surrender to the other you  also learn to know your deepest self. Perhaps you fear to lose yourself but in giving yourself deeply, nothing is lost. You are being found, you become who you are in your deepest being.

Suddenly now I see the link with my last blogpost. Love’s gift lies in acceptance, rather than giving. In being found, rather than finding.

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