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During the night at the camping site it rained quite heavily. The next morning, walking eastwards to Mainz, all I noticed was a strong and favourable backwind and many branches and fallen fruit. But it never occurred to me that it had been a storm till the people at the small hotel told me so. Yet all the signs had been there.

Worms the day after was a great city but just a bit too far away for that day as I told you last time. So  Passau seems to be too far away for my total journey as well. I will have to accept that in all probability I am not going to get there, hard as I may try. I realise I have been trying to hard, again and as always, my will power being the driving force.  The realisation that after all my trying this is still so strong hurts.

In Worms I try to buy a booklet that will guide me through the second half of my walk. It is not available, if it ever was written. With nothing to guide me but my rough map my route  may just as well or even better be guided by the Nibelungen Saga, the archetypical German mythical story about love, death, betrayal and fidelity that has its origin in this region.

There is a lot of accepting to do and a favourable backwind combined with a strong will power is not always helping. When one reinforces the other it is time to start asking questions.

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  1. I’m really enjoying your writings Wim! I’m not sure how you manage to walk such long distances and then write in the evenings! Amazing!
    Go well and stay strong.

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