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I have little knowledge of music. There is a lot of music that I love, but usually one track of an album. My music collection could be called ‘random’. The music that comes out of car speakers, cafés and parks is what I would call klezma and traditional Serbian music. I don’t know, I don’t very much like it anyway. It doesn’t move me and music should move you, I find. Perhaps therefore I wasn’t prepared for what this divine coincidence, clearfeeling or call it a medium put on my path today. Or maybe the physical challenge and endurance opens you up for for this: ‘open my heart’ van Harc. I played it yesterday on my smartphone and the song touched me deeply and resonated deep within me all through the night. As if a deeper layer of ‘me’ was presented to me.

That night I had one of the most beautifull dreams of my life, half lucud. I call it ‘parts unite’. We will talk about this in time. A very moving present, that song.

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