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A drink and a smoke

A drink and a smoke

By on Aug 8, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

20160806_192424I am sitting on yet another balcony from where I am looking out over the small city of Orahovica. Hostel Merkur, with its 170 beds, swimming pool, sauna and fitness is almost deserted.  The independence festival has been washed away and cancelled because of yesterdays heavy rains en most guests have gone home. A financial setback for the hostel since all the bookings were made through and they still have to pay the overhead. Now that’s business! All the profits and no risks. Why don’t I ever think of those things?

20160806_161320I visited the old ‘grad’, the fortress high upon the cliffs overlooking the city. Am age old story; a medieval fortress gone to ruins, after which the local people used the stones to build their houses. 20160806_161630 The constructor of the castle must have loved early gothic style though, it has an almost innumerable amount of arches and gates that provide for many beautiful views.

It has been a quiet day today. It was cool and cloudy and still a bit rainy after the grim night but I feel extremely tired. My fluids are off balance. On a day like yesterday I can keep on pouring water to my insides but it’s never enough. Some nights I wake up more then five times from thirst. Less kilometres on a day like today make up for it.

In the restaurant where I am served too much meat for very little money, the plastic bag lady walks in at closing time and a shabby looking man is apologettically and unasked for swiping the floor underneath my table. They both get their alms from the owner. Or is this my perception of justice speaking? Can you ever be totally objective, do you want to be?

So now I am sitting here in the late evening sun with a drink and a smoke. Water would have been better, but do you have any idea how good alcohol tastes after all those litres and litres of water?! I know, bad for my fluids balance, but I see it also as feeding my dark side a bit 😉 And anyway, tomorrow morning in the swimming pool the light side gets another opportunity. 🙂


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