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In the company of Long Distance Walkers (LDW). I am not the only one leaving St. Bees that morning. There are maybe 12 to 15 walkers ahead of me and for certain 2 behind me. I realise suddenly that I have become part of the community of long distance walkers.  LDW.  Not through any action of myself but because people will see me that way.  And since I enjoy doing this, the question ‘what is it that people see’ seems more then justified. What does an LDW look like, what defines him? They are around me, so the best thing to do is to ask themselves.  I get great answers. Some of them you can read below. I am not sure whether the non-LDW would have said the same things.

An independent spirit, an American said,  and acted accordingly in walking his own route. Connecting the dots on the map,  said Philippa with whom I had the pleasure of walking today.  Perseverance. The ability, no the wish to be alone. Being near to nature. The joy of finding your way.


Freedom. That last one is mine.

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