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20160723_085424So in the end I did it. The situation with Ötschrl didn’t leave me very satisfied. Can I do this or can’t I? The path from Mariazell towards Slovenia has some mountains in it as well. OK then. I am going to try this. Yesterday already I climbed a ‘practicing mountain’. It wasn’t the best of ecperiences. Today however comes the real thing. I leave from the village of Mürzsteg, where Sissy and Franz Ferdinand spent their honeymoon. Local pride, mostly. We have had thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings he last couple of days. Tomorrow will be no different. So it will be wet up there, apart from high and steep. It means an early departure. At 1410 metres there lies a ‘senkstein’, a sort of anchorstone. I have made an appointment with myself there. Some visualize the physical goal, I visualize my appointment. Inside and outside.

20160723_085145Halfway up the mountain I realise that I háve to go on. I would be too fearful of going back, vertigo. But what if it is as bad further on? The words of the old woman who spoke to me yesterday afternoon get an ominous ring (never go alone into the mountains, what if something happens!?). In the meantime I do enjoy the climbing. As long as I don’t have to look down or back….

20160723_093238I do make it the ‘senkstein’ where I have a superb view of the clouds over the valley that I left. My appointment waits for me and the incredible view only makes it more special. I also make it to the next mountain -yes there were two- and the second one lies at 1525 metres, making the total height difference for today some 2600 metres.

20160723_104145So just to show you that I still can do this ‘top sport” a happy picture of me.

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  1. Well done!

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